Dr. Edo Aarts

Meet our medical director

The Allurion Clinic is under the direction of Dr. Edo Aarts, who is fully specialized in the treatment of obesity. Dr. Aarts leads the treatment team and performs the placements. His years of experience provide many satisfied clients who continue through life at a healthy weight.

Dr. Aarts, our gastric balloon specialist

The Allurion Clinic delivers quality and years of experience: Dr. Aarts is our bariatric doctor and fully specialized in the new Allurion gastric balloon. A bariatric doctor specializes is the treatment of overweight individuals. Dr. Aarts leads the treatment team and performs gastric balloon placements.

Over the past 16 years, Dr. Aarts has gained extensive experience in guiding patients with (severe) obesity to a healthy weight. In 2014, he received his PhD on this topic from Radboud UMC. Our clients are extremely enthusiastic about Dr. Aarts. Not only because of his vast knowledge and experience, but especially because he is friendly, approachable and empathetic. You can also read about this in the experiences of our customers.

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The Allurion Clinic Team

Since the establishment of the Allurion Clinic in the Netherlands in 2019, Edo Aarts has already placed about 800 Allurion gastric balloons. This makes his clinic in the Netherlands the largest and most experienced in Europe. In 2022, he also opened an Allurion Clinic in Belgium.

Het Allurion Kliniek team

Dr. Edo Aarts

Edo Aarts is a bariatric physician: a physician with expertise in the treatment of obesity. He has already performed several thousand procedures to help people get rid of their excess pounds. In addition to “classic” stomach reductions via surgical procedures, as co-initiator of the Allurion Clinic, he also focuses on the “gentle” approach with the Allurion gastric balloon.

Alexia Molitor & Ilse Verckens

Alexia Molitor (Wallonia) and Ilse Verckens (Flanders) provide support during the Allurion gastric balloon program. The gastric balloon combined with changes in exercise and diet is the key to permanent weight loss.

Ariana Gerkens

Dr. Gerkens is our Allurion specialist in Wallonia. Ariana practiced general medicine for three years. She then specialized in gastroenterology, which she has practiced since 2007. Endoscopic examinations and technical proctology procedures are performed in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, with the support of trained and attentive staff.

Veerle van Vlodrop

Dr. van Vlodrop is our Allurion specialist in Flanders. After completing her training in abdominal surgery, Dr. Veerle Van Vlodrop specialized in laparoscopic and bariatric surgery. She is a member of the RBSS, IFSO, SOS-B and BABS and belongs to the teachers of the “European School of Laparoscopic Surgery. In addition to her work in regular abdominal surgery, she co-facilitates our Weight Care program as an obesity surgery specialist.

Professional guidance

For the best results from the Allurion Gastric Balloon program, Dr. Aarts is supported by our specialized lifestyle coaches. Our lifestyle coaches will guide you through the program with nutrition and exercise advice. The gastric balloon combined with exercise/nutrition changes are the key to permanent weight loss and a new healthy lifestyle.

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